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How to use tor on chrome


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Tor Browser Launcher automatically opens Tor Browser when finished. When Tor Browser starts for the first time it asks for "Tor Network Settings" to be set. It is safe to click , as Tor will not be used.

Step 1: Install the .

Some people have suggested we include ad-blocking software or anti-tracking software with Tor Browser. Right now, we do not think that's such a good idea. Tor Browser aims to provide sufficient privacy that additional add-ons to stop ads and trackers are not necessary. Using add-ons like these may cause some sites to break, which we don't want to do. Additionally, maintaining a list of "bad" sites that should be black-listed provides another opportunity to uniquely fingerprint users.

from EFF's Surveillance Self Defence, until the section "Using Tor Browser".

Create a new file named can be entered here, but further changes will need to be made in Tor Browser.


How to use tor on chrome

from EFF's Surveillance Self Defence, until the section "Using Tor Browser Bundle".

However, by disabling the private browsing mode, Tor Browser's built-in "long-term linkability" protections are deactivated. The user loses protection which aims to prevent "subsequent browser activity from being linkable to what you were doing before" whenever Tor Browser is closed or If a user still wants to disable private browsing mode, then installing one or more anti-blocking extensions is advisable (see below).

Alternatively, preferences can be set manually via above, with the corresponding values they need to be set to.

The most important part, and the one that I just had to fiddle around with, was typing in the Proxy locations myself. Hope this helps, if all else fails just play around with it, maybe you'll fix it on accident :)

Next, you have to install . This has to be installed in the Chrome browser. It’s a Chrome extension that allows you to switch out your proxy.


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